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A brutal assault changes Marieke’s life. She leaves her familiar city rhythms for the solitude of a dilapidated house in an empty countryside. Her irrational fears on the frozen farm are a constant struggle. As springs’ orchestra begins, her curiosity for new things that cover the cold rot of winter pull her out of the suffocating interior of her mind. Slowly she accepts the help of John, her neighbor, but as the seasons change so does she…

written / directed by Esther Rots

Awards9   Awards7   Awards3   Awards2   Awards1

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Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung:
Dan Geesin hat die Tonspur (…) erstellt und damit eines der ambitioniertesten Meisterwerke dieses Festivals (Berlinale) geschaffen. (…) daran konnten sich noch die grossten Hollywood-Produktionen ein Vorbild nehmen.
Dan Geesin made the soundtrack (…) and with it the most ambitious masterpiece of this Festival (Berlinale). (…) Let this be an example to the mayor Hollywood productions.

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Racing Demons

Title Music

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PLAY the beep film of the crew, starring Rifka Lodeizen, Victor Horstink, Lennert Hillege, Luuk Zonnenberg, Esther Rots and some kittens:


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