The Ingmar Bergman International Debut award went to Dutch film “Can Go Through Skin,” by Esther Rots.

8-02-2010 – The Ingmar Bergman Award, one of the six Dragon Awards of the Göteborg International Film Festival in Sweden, celebrates “a debutant who in her film treats an existential theme with a dynamic or experimental approach to the cinematic means of expression”.

In what must be one of the festival world’s most unusual honors: the winner gets an inscribed rock from the beach at Faro where Bergman’s home was plus a week’s stay during the Bergman Film Festival.

The other nominees were Lucia Puenzo with ‘The Fish Child’, Lee Suk-Gyung with ‘The Day After’, Maren Ade with ‘Alle Anderen’, Sharam Alidi with ‘Whisper with the wind’, Martin Zandvliet with ‘Applause’, Oliver Hermanus with ‘Shirley Adams’, and Tom Ford with ‘A Single Man’.